🇮🇳 India's COVID-19 Online Hackathon

Join 2500+ other people from India's tech, business and healthcare community and build projects to help minimize COVID-19's impact on India

What is it?

COVID-19 poses a grave danger to India because of our high population density and abysmally low number of hospital beds per 100 people. In the worst case, India’s coronavirus infections may be just getting started and we may be looking at a tsunami of cases in the weeks ahead. It’s encouraging to see the Indian government take necessary steps such as “Junta Curfew” and indian corporates switch to Work From Home. However, until we have a vaccine, infections can flare up anytime, anywhere. Current estimates suggest that we’re 12 months away from a vaccine, so we may be in for a long time to face multiple widespread disruptions due to either infections overwhelming our healthcare capacity or due to social-distancing induced economic slowdown.

So, we are asking the Indian tech community to come together and collaborate to build projects that can help other Indians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participate in the hackathon by join the slack group


  • Hackathon will run starting 22 March 2020 (Sunday) and will continue running until the COVID-19 situation stabilizes
  • Teams will get formed online and hackathon will happen virtually. A platform like Slack is needed for people to discuss projects and form teams
  • Each week it’s expected that teams will work on their projects after work time and during weekends
  • There will be a demo day every Sunday evening where finished and work in progress projects will be demonstrated to a group of audience
  • Demo day will be moderated by the hackathon organizing team but anyone is free to join to see projects
  • During the demo day, the organizing team and advisors will help any promising project with financial help or resources or guidance
  • Prizes: To be Decided


This hackathon is happening online via a Slack Group that you can join via this link.

We encourage you to participate if:

  • If you have a project idea but need a team to execute it
  • If you have certain skills but need projects to contribute to
  • If you can donate resources (like hosting, domain names or equipment)

Who can participate?

  • Coders / Software Engineers
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Designers
  • Business People / Product Managers
  • Marketers
  • Heathcare providers - Doctors / Experts


Projects launched on demo day 1

Read our blog post on demo day 1 covering the 18 projects that launched or see the list below:


Ongoing projects


Ideas seeking team



Paras Chopra, Wingify
Sparsh Gupta, Wingify
Sathish Raghuraman
Vivek V. S.
Arun Patre
Cynthia Rajan Babu, DigitalOcean
Akash Tandon, Restat
Shruti Royyuru
Chandresh Vaghanani

We need more people in the organizing team. To join it, join the slack group for the hackathon and message any of the organizers.

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